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Welcome PicWelcome to the new GT  We hope that you find the new site informative and that you are able to find the materials that you need for your upcoming projects.  If you have questions or need additional information then please feel free to contact us by email through or by phone at (800) 221-0866.

Once you find the material you need please use our new online store under the “Buy Here” tab.  You will receive the same fast delivery and high quality materials that GT Products customers have come to expect with the added convenience of being able to place an order any time. will be updated on a regular basis.  We are currently working on several new formulations and the new materials are right around the corner.  As soon as the new materials are available you can learn about them here.  We will also post answers to frequently asked questions when we  can to make this site as valuable for our customers as possible so please check back often.

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